Sejong Essentials

Ah, Sejong City.

Can you smell that new city smell?

When you move to a brand new city that’s, well, brand new, it’s nice to have some information about its who’s-its and what’s-its. Before we moved to our fair city, we scoured the interwebs, looking for any nugget of info we could find.

Thanks to Wikipedia, we learned a lot about the city’s persimmon fields, its government doings, and that this city ain’t very old.

The lack of “lifestyle” information about our soon-to-be host city was a bit concerning, but we just hoped for the best.

With that in mind, we hope this section of the website can be a place that’s full of the essential information, making life easier to navigate in Sejong City. From doctors and dentists to bus routes and movie theaters (we’re getting one soon!), we’ll post it here.

If you have information that would help make this page more complete, please email us! The more information we can add, the better!