Home again

14947830_10108498793277080_5030730441661220821_nIt has been a minute! It’s hard to know where to begin after such a long break from blogging. I guess I’ll just start from the beginning… we’re home!

Ok, I know, I know. This picture totally makes it seem like we just got back from overseas, like, yesterday. In fact, next month will mark one year since our return. SO. HARD. TO. BELIEVE. It feels like yesterday that we were scoot-scootin’ through Thailand and petting elephants, and climbing the steps of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Sigh.

We’ve been bitten by the travel bug HARD. Our two months of backpacking in Southeast Asia was worth every struggle we had in Korea, every ounce of frustration. Don’t get me wrong–we had an incredible time in Korea. So many weird and wonderful things were experienced. Like eating a plate full of tentacles, and learning the naked truth about Korean jimjilbangs (찜질방), and hearing my students’ English actually improve. But, as many of our close friends know, the city we lived in and the company we worked for were not what we expected. That was a huge challenge. But getting to walk away after our contract was finished and travel anywhere is the reason we’d do it all over again.

Visiting Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. And yes, it really was that hot there. Uffda.
Temples on temples at Angkor Wat

In total we hit Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan (and Hawaii) over the two months we spent backpacking. I plan to keep unpacking these memories and stories and travel tips in future posts because there are MANY. Writing about them is a way to share those experiences and keep travel at the forefront of my mind. Life goals, people.

Seoul, South Korea 2015

Anywho. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Back. In Minnesota. Real life stuff. Since our return last October, we’ve spent the last year living country style. Our renter stayed in our St. Paul home after we got back so we could get on our feet financially (ha), and plan The Next Step. We did all that planning from our parents’ house in central/northern Minnesota. I’ll never be able to repay my parents, and especially my parents-in-law, for the generosity they showed us. I guess it falls under the category of Parenting… but housing your 30-year-old kids for a year is a stretch. Saints, I tell you. As for The Grand Plan? The Plan is… well… The Plan. You know. Ideas and words and stuff. Making money and stuff. Careers and things. Do you follow?



OK. Real talk for a second.




We don’t know what The Plan is.





Did anyone else see that? Eeep. Scary to say. But it’s true. We’re still just two married people trying to find our way in this crazy world. And right now, our way is back in St. Paul. The final phase of our return stateside has happened. Two weeks ago our renter hit the bricks and we (FINALLY) got to move back to our little piece of peace in St Paul. Yahoo! It feels good to be back, baby!

Finally unpacking wedding presents two years later… thanks, Cousin Miles!

I’ve spent time reconnecting with friends, setting up house, and, oh by the way, job hunting. It’s a little terrifying to be “out of the nest” with so much uncertainty right now, but it had to happen. Through my swings of wild optimism I know that things will be alright. And in conversations with friends, I’m learning that I’m not alone. I know that friends I trust and colleagues I respect have been in many phases of transition, too. It is the millennial rite of passage… right? RIGHT?! Just kidding. I’m cool.

OK. I’m gonna wrap this dog and pony show up for now by leaving you with a picture my dog and pony. Not really. Just my dog. Here she is. See ya around the neighborhood!

Meet Maddie, the best dog in the world.

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