Views from the top

IMG_1739The beginnings of summer are showing up in Sejong City. It’s not even May yet, but gorgeous flowers are in bloom, and mornings are really starting to heat up. Last week, Wade and I got an early start to hit one of our favorite trails in Sejong. It’s just a five minute walk from our apartment in Dodamdong.

We took the path up to Wonsu Summit, which has great views of our fair city (on clear days). From the top you can really soak in the high-rise mecca we live in. It’s not a pretty sight, but it really shows a good view of it.

The expanse of high-rise apartments in Sejong City, South Korea

All those apartments look like Monopoly pieces to me. We spend so much time weaving our way through those streets like ants. It’s such a different way of living to me. Owning a house with a yard here is considered a huge luxury. When I’m missing home or just needing to connect with something else, it helps to get above it with a view from the top.


Looking southeast of Sejong City toward Lakepark and beyond


My hiking partner. No pictures, please.
A beautiful church tucked into the countryside with Jochiwon in the distance



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