‘Movie’-ing on up: Sejong City gets a CGV!

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Sejong City’s first movie theater is up and running! Hello, CGV!

Sejong City’s first and only theater just opened last week. It’s located in the Jongchon-dong neighborhood. It’s very close to the clinic with an excellent English-speaking doctor, whom I wrote about last month.

The Korean address is 세종특별자치시 종촌동 580-2 몰리브 7층 CGV.

On this map you can see the CGV, the doctor’s office I mentioned, and the Homplus store for reference points.

The theater is on the seventh floor of a shopping mall that’s still mostly under construction. There are a few shops up and running like Aritaum, Innisfree, and Tony Moly, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. However, quite a few restaurants and cafes are open on the sixth floor.

Cool art installation on the first floor
Lots of shops are still under construction
I love this salon!

I have been wanting to see a movie since we arrived in Korea almost four months ago. I haven’t been dying to see anything in particular… I just love the whole movie theater experience. The soda, the popcorn, the big screen, the rocky-backy cushy chairs. I like it all. So a new theater in town is a great excuse to pony up for a night out.

Plus, Korea really does movies right. All seats are assigned so you just go online, choose your seat and it’s easy peasy. CGV theaters also have this insane “Popcorn Factory,” where you can choose from a bazillion different flavors. Chocolate, butter, onion, garlic, caramel, you name it. Those actually sound really gross all together… but you get the point. Lots of choices. Lots of caloric goodness.

Other perks… the theater was very clean and shiny and new. The staff was friendly and helpful. AND… there are English films playing all the time! In Korea! We chose to see Macbeth, which was really my first time even hearing the Shakespearean classic (and it was good, I recommend it).

You can see the entire rundown of movies playing at Sejong City’s CGV by checking out the Cine in Korea website or by going to the English ticketing section on the CGV site. Sejong City information is under the Chungcheong tab.

I only have one complaint and it has to do with the temperature. It was very warm inside the theater. It was actually cozy enough that both my husband and I fell asleep during the movie!

Old fogies, I guess.

However, I think it has more to do with the way Korea seems to keep buildings at one extreme or the other– roasting or freezing. So, beware of that. Snooze-fest potential, no matter the movie.

Otherwise, a very lovely experience for this movie theater lover. Check it out!

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