English-speaking doctors in Sejong City

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If you’re feeling sick in Sejong City, there is no reason to tough out a bad cold. After just three months in our school, both my husband and I got sick from all those germy little kids. When we’d both had enough, we started looking around for an English-speaking doctor.

I actually made one trip to an English-speaking doctor in Daejeon before I realized that was probably silly. Other foreigners live here and there are doctors that speak English. It just took us a bit of searching to find one. I hope this helps other Sejongites out a bit faster.

The clinic we visited is located in Jongchon-dong neighborhood. This was extremely convenient for us because it’s close to the Areum-dong neighborhood where we work. Search for 유앤이내과 to find it on Daum Maps. The office is located on the 5th floor. The clinic has two doctors, so ask for Dr. Lee.

Google Maps shows the neighborhood names in English. The doctor’s office is near the CGV movie theater and about 10 minutes away from Homeplus.

doctor map

Dr. Lee lived in Chicago for awhile and speaks very good English. As my husband described it, zero pantomiming was required to explain that he was on the verge of a sinus infection and that his throat hurt. In about 15 minutes he was able to leave with a prescription, and a bill under 11,000 KRW. They also had a conversation about vaporizers, so there’s your testament to a good vocabulary.

doctor's office
Courtesy: Daum Maps
doc 1
Courtesy: Daum Maps

doc 2

If other foreigners in Sejong are reading this, please tell me the doctors you’re seeing! The more information we can add, the more useful this can be. Thanks!

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