Eat chocolate, get skinny? Korea, you get me.

IMG_20151111_143031.jpgHappy Pepero Day!

Every November 11, Koreans celebrate a little candy-driven tradition known as Pepero Day (similar to Valentine’s Day).

The idea behind it? Eat chocolate, wish for skinny.

Today a co-worker came into my classroom and gave me a package of these little yum-yums. The idea is to exchange these peperos with your friends in hopes of becoming taller and thinner.


Some important Wikipedia research will tell you that this”holiday” happens on November 11 because the skinny snack sticks look like the numbers 11/11. The myth is that if you eat the treat on 11/11, you’ll grow tall and thin, just like the snack.

These crunchy, chocolate-covered snacks are good. And yeah, I ate the whole package.

This is a tradition I can SUPPORT.

My Korean 11/11 is almost over, but for all my American friends out there, I beg you. Take this opportunity to eat/give some chocolate (peperos or otherwise) and know you’re doing yourself a favor!

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