Holy crap, we’re in Korea!

20150926_165926.jpgGreetings from the Land of Morning Calm!

It’s been nearly three months since we moved to South Korea! Some days it feels like we’ve been here for many months. Other days it feels like we’ve only just arrived.

And, hey! We decided to start a blog! Welcome to Coffee in Yo!

Before you say it… I know what you’re thinking. It’s another travel blog for the universe. Another newlywed adventure plastered on the Internet. But we’re doing this for a few reasons.

Coffee in Yo


Reason the First:

This is the obvious one. We want to keep our family and friends in the loop! We miss you guys! We hope you miss us! We think and talk about you all the time. We spend a buttload of time on the interwebs and Facebooks just ogling your lives and sharing status updates about you. And because we’re in such a completely different place, we want to share all the wonderful, absurd and wholly foreign experiences that we’re having, too.

Reason #2:

South Korea might be three dynasties in, but our new host city is brand spankin’ new. We live in Sejong City, a place that was born into existence in 2012. Seriously. I have socks older than this place. A brand new city erected right here in South Korea because the guv’ment said so.

Sejong City was created as a special administrative district. The idea was to move some of Seoul’s government branches to a new location. Sejong City was even slated to be Korea’s new capital someday, but as I understand it, that idea now seems unlikely. There’s a lot of information here if you’re interested.

Sejong City’s Lakepark
Sejong City’s Lakepark


But beyond that Wikipedia page, information is scarce about our Korean home-away-from-home. That’s especially true if you’re a foreigner who also can’t read or speak Korean. Time and again we’ve Googled something related to Sejong City, only to be routed back to the same sites (some useful, most not).

Learning about bus lines, restaurants, English-speaking doctors–all of that stuff is easier to figure out in a place that’s been around longer than three years. So, we’ll be posting and reporting back about stuff as we do it.

If even one of these posts is helpful to another foreigner visiting or moving to Sejong City, we’re happy!

Reason #3

For me, writing is cheaper than therapy.

Cheesy, I know. But I’ve always been a writer, a pen pal, a journaler and a journalist. Taking notes and making observations will always be my way to appreciate, to vent, to cope and to learn.

So. That’s that. I know people are busy. Reading a blog is a luxury most folks don’t have time for. I also make no promises about posts on the reg. Even still, I hope you’ll click the ‘Follow’ button up top. That’ll send you a nifty email when a new post come a’meltin’ out of my sweet buttery brain.

Thanks for reading! Goodbye!
안녕히 가세요!

-Dayna & Co.

P.S. Our Korean is rubbish right now, but we’re slowly learning. The Korean at the end of this post says ‘goodbye’, and literally translates to ‘stay in peace.’ Isn’t that nice?

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