English-speaking doctors in Sejong City

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If you’re feeling sick in Sejong City, there is no reason to tough out a bad cold. After just three months in our school, both my husband and I got sick from all those germy little kids. When we’d both had enough, we started looking around for an English-speaking doctor. Continue reading “English-speaking doctors in Sejong City”

Pumpkin seeds and toaster oven perfection


I have a major life update to tell you about. We now have a TOASTER OVEN.

This new addition makes us very happy, precious. We needs it. We wants it. Continue reading “Pumpkin seeds and toaster oven perfection”

The Korean three-month hump

Autumn from our neighborhood in Dodam-dong, Sejong City

It’s been three months since we arrived in South Korea! It’s hard to believe we are already a quarter of the way through our year abroad. This weekend, we said goodbye to some new friends, and welcomed in the next batch of teachers hired. That means we’re no longer the new kids! Continue reading “The Korean three-month hump”

The Korean Yo: A new/old kind of sleeping arrangement

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So, you might be wondering­—what’s with the blog name? Coffee. Yeah. That’s obvious. Life source. I get it.

But the ‘yo’ part is strictly Korean. Continue reading “The Korean Yo: A new/old kind of sleeping arrangement”